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The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company

The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company – Cullompton, Devon

Tracy Lindsell raises Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW dairy goats at Elderberry Barn near Uffculme in Devon, with her husband, Tony, producing a range of high quality hand-made goat’s milk soap and shampoo bars that are available online and from select independent stores.

Tracy grew up on the island of Jersey and it was there that she first fell in love with goats. “I used to help ‘muck out’ at the local riding stables not far from my parents’ house in exchange for free rides,” she says. “This is where I met ‘Herbie’ the goat…”

Herbie was a golden Guernsey goat, Tracy explains, a rare breed that nearly became extinct during the Second World War when the Channel Islands were occupied by the Germans. “We bonded immediately and I think the love was mutual!” she laughs. “But never in my wildest dreams did I think back then that I would one day be in a position to keep my own golden Guernsey goats.”

However, in 2015, after taking on a small holding in Devon, Tracy was finally able to make her dream a reality, starting up her own small herd of golden Guernsey goats. “I started with two wethers (neutered males) and a doe, called Myrtle, who now has two daughters and several ‘grandkids,” she explains. “But what I wasn’t prepared for back then was the quantity of milk Myrtle would produce. We had litres of the white stuff!!”

“There is only my husband and I at home and, frankly, there are only so many milk-based drinks you can get through in a day!” she adds. “I made a bit of goat’s cheese now and again, but still the milk kept piling up.”

One day, Tracy started searching Google for some inspiration and discovered recipes for goat’s milk soap. “I enjoy making my own gifts, so I started making the occasional batch of goat’s soap using essential oils. The soaps were a real hit with friends and family—even my husband commented on the benefits to his skin! It also seemed to help my daughter-in-law’s eczema. A business idea was born.”

After a little more research on the rules and regulations, Tracy established The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company and began selling handmade soaps at local farmers’ market and craft fairs, and slowly growing the herd. The soap is now also available through an online shop, as well as select retail outlets in the south of England.

The Dirty Old Goat Soaps are made the old fashioned (Cold processed) way using various oils, such as olive, grapeseed and coconut and essential oils. AGW-certified milk is frozen and mixed with a substance called lye, before being combined with the oils. The entire mixture is then poured into a mould and frozen for a couple of days, before curing for about 6 weeks, where the oils, lye and milk go through a chemical process and turn into glycerine. “I’m delighted to say that my favourite hobby has now grown into a full-time job, which means I get to spend a lot of the day with my goats,” Tracy adds. “I am finally living my dream!”

Tracy is passionate about high welfare management, raising her goats outdoors with continuous access to pasture and leaving the kids to wean naturally. “I know my customers care about animal welfare and the environment as much as I do. They want to know that we are manging our goats and land with animal welfare and the environment in mind,” she explains. “We applied for farm certification with A Greener World because it validates how we farm here. The AGW logo means that customers who can’t visit the farm can have the confidence that we really are doing what we say.”

The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company’s Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW goat’s milk soap, shampoo and shaving bars are available via their online shop at , as well as at Cullompton farmers’ market and various select independent shops in south England. Check the AGW directory for details. For more information about The Dirty Old Goat Soap Company, visit and follow them on Facebook. Contact Tracy at 01884 841257 and

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