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16May 22
Why Certification Matters blog

Why Certification Matters

Consumers need help making ethical purchases. That’s where farm certification comes into its own … Consumers are continuously bombarded with information about what food they should eat and where they should buy it. While much of the guidance is sound and reasonable, some of it is wildly inaccurate—or just downright unrealistic.   Unrealistic expectations A phrase you’ll often hear is: “Before you buy any food you should visit the farm.” Buying direct from a farm shop, veg box or at…

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14Apr 22

Global First as UK Farm Receives Regenerative Certification by A Greener World

Our team at A Greener World (AGW) is thrilled to announce Challacombe Farm in Devon as the world’s first Certified Regenerative by AGW farm. This innovative certification provides a whole-farm assurance of sustainability, measuring benefits for soil, water, air, biodiversity, infrastructure, animal welfare and social responsibility. As public interest in sustainability continues to increase and broaden in scope, the demand for rigorous, meaningful assurances of responsible farming practices has grown. Building on its successful family of leading labels, AGW’s Certified…

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08Mar 22
Regenerative Farming blog

It’s now or never for regenerative farming

A credible and accessible certification programme is now essential to protect the 'regenerative' claim from misuse and exploitation says Wayne Copp, executive director of A Greener World (AGW) Europe and a North Devon livestock farmer.   Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you cannot have missed the growing coverage of ‘regenerative farming / agriculture’ in the media. While not a new concept (after all, humans have been using ‘regenerative’ practices for thousands of years), ‘regenerative’ is the latest farming…

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16Feb 22

It’s a crazy idea… but can’t we just eat real food?

You might have heard about Veganuary recently, a relatively new campaign held in January and beyond to encourage people to take up a vegan diet. As the Veganuary website states, the ultimate aim is to achieve “a fully vegan world.” Veganuary appears to be piggy-backing on the growing public interest in the links between our dietary choices and climate change, born from years of critical media headlines that “all meat is bad for the environment,” as well as controversial global…

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07Jul 21
Stand Up For British Farming blog

It’s Time to Stand Up for British Farming

Remember the first Jurassic Park? More particularly, the scene where Jeff Goldblum’s character laments “Boy, do I hate being right all the time,” as the rampant T-Rex escapes the carefully constructed enclosure and lays waste to all it sees? It gives me no satisfaction to refer to our numerous blogs on the subject of Brexit – UK Farmers ‘Collateral Damage’ in Post-Brexit Trade Deal Considerations; Britain At Breaking Point?; What Price British Farming?; and Don’t Throw UK Farming Under a…

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