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04Aug 22
Sustainability is Complex: There is No Single Diet Solution

Sustainability is Complex: There is No Single Diet Solution

We face huge challenges in feeding the world sustainably. But one thing is certain: Grazing ruminant livestock—and the high-quality food they produce—can and should play a key role. With ongoing reports and media headlines about the negative impacts of livestock—particularly beef cattle—on the environment and our health, this might seem like an unscientific statement. After all, livestock are now widely considered to be unsustainable. So it might come as a surprise to know this support for grazing ruminants was one…

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30Jul 22
NSA Sheep Event: relevant and timely

NSA Sheep Event: relevant and timely

AGW UK’s Director of Ag Development Jason Gale reports back from the 2022 National Sheep Association’s annual Sheep Event in Malvern.   This summer saw the return of the agricultural show circuit in earnest. After two years of cancellations and uncertainty due to Covid restrictions, the AGW team was really looking forward to getting out and about again this summer.   NSA Sheep Event I was excited to represent A Greener World UK at the 2022 National Sheep Association’s Sheep…

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14Jun 22
Certified Regenerative is a GO

Certified Regenerative is go!

Last month we announced the first farm in the world to be Certified Regenerative by AGW – and it’s located here in the UK! This an exciting and timely development, offering a whole-farm, plan-based programme that will measure real change on farm to benefit soil, water, air, biodiversity, infrastructure, animal welfare and social responsibility.   Four years of work This isn’t something that we’ve hastily pulled off the shelf to jump on the ‘regenerative bandwagon’. Certified Regenerative by AGW is…

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20May 22
Health And Safety blog

Health And Safety

You are hiking in the woods with a friend when a bear attacks. How fast must you run to escape? 28 mph/44 kmh Drop everything, climb a tree and wait it out 36 mph/58 kmh Faster than your friend If you answered D, then you have the right mindset for biosecurity! Biosecurity is not about building an impenetrable fortress, irrelevant costly actions, or impossible goals. Rather, good biosecurity is about practical measures that keep you ahead of whatever pathogens may…

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16May 22
Why Certification Matters blog

Why Certification Matters

Consumers need help making ethical purchases. That’s where farm certification comes into its own … Consumers are continuously bombarded with information about what food they should eat and where they should buy it. While much of the guidance is sound and reasonable, some of it is wildly inaccurate—or just downright unrealistic.   Unrealistic expectations A phrase you’ll often hear is: “Before you buy any food you should visit the farm.” Buying direct from a farm shop, veg box or at…

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