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07Jul 21
Stand Up For British Farming Blog

It’s Time to Stand Up for British Farming

Remember the first Jurassic Park? More particularly, the scene where Jeff Goldblum’s character laments “Boy, do I hate being right all the time,” as the rampant T-Rex escapes the carefully constructed enclosure and lays waste to all it sees? It gives me no satisfaction to refer to our numerous blogs on the subject of Brexit – UK Farmers ‘Collateral Damage’ in Post-Brexit Trade Deal Considerations; Britain At Breaking Point?; What Price British Farming?; and Don’t Throw UK Farming Under a…

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29Apr 21
Climate Politics And Vegan Wars Blog

Climate Politics and Vegan Wars

By Frédéric Leroy and Martin Cohen. This article was originally printed in the Spring 2019 (Volume 4 Issue 2) of Sustainable Farming magazine. To read the full issue please visit Have you noticed how arguments to ditch dairy and cut back on meat are springing up everywhere, from Twitter to the New York Times? It’s estimated there are one and a half million vegans in the U.S. Yet they are still outnumbered by livestock farmers and ranchers, who provide the…

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22Feb 21
Andrew Gunther

Andrew Gunther

It is with huge sadness that we share the loss of A Greener World’s Executive Director, Andrew Gunther, who passed away suddenly on Friday, 19 February. This tragic loss is devastating for the Gunther family, the entire AGW team, and all those working toward a sustainable food and farming future. We will share details on Andrew’s legacy and arrangements in the coming days. Andrew was a pioneering British farmer who spent his formative years in Wiltshire. With agricultural backgrounds, Andrew…

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25Jan 21
Staying Safe Blog

Staying Safe

An invader is detected and deemed dangerous. Evidence is delivered to multiple locations, where it will first be used to identify the foreign agent’s unique weaknesses; then to design and manufacture special weapons to exploit those weaknesses. The weapons are designed to work within the conditions and constraints of the location being infiltrated, effectively targeting the invader while avoiding collateral damage. As supplies increase and weapons are deployed, the invader is disabled, captured and finally removed. But the story does…

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14Jan 21

Certified Regenerative by AGW Pilot Farms Selected

Following the recent launch of our newest label, Certified Regenerative by A Greener World (AGW), we are thrilled to select over 50 farms to join the programme’s pilot phase. Building on our successful family of leading labels, the new certification will provide a whole-farm assurance of sustainability, measuring benefits for soil, water, air, biodiversity, infrastructure, animal welfare and social responsibility. Key features of the programme include transparent, rigorous standards; high animal welfare; a holistic, farmer-led approach; early and broad access to regenerative markets;…

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