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Certified Regenerative by AGW

Regenerative certification for real change

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We understand truly regenerative agriculture is about more than soil carbon; it must mean healthier food, healthier, more biodiverse ecosystems, cleaner air and water, and better treatment for workers and animals. Covering all aspects of regenerative agriculture, Certified Regenerative by AGW meets you where you are as your partner on a regenerative journey.

Our 2024 standards review is now complete and the proposed standards amendments are attached. They are also available to download from our website here. Please review these standards and let us know your thoughts and feedback by emailing We are asking for comments no later than 15 August 2024. We look forward to hearing from you.

Uniquely, the farmer and their regenerative experts develop a plan for the operation of the land being farmed. This plan is reviewed by a panel of experts that approve the vision for the farm’s regenerative journey, which is measured and audited annually. This approach allows for true regional and local flexibility while adhering to regenerative principles, giving confidence to consumers and stakeholders. It has the added advantage of being a detailed management plan, allowing the farmer to focus on delivery of the positive attributes.

This programme functions as a management tool that helps producers meet their own regenerative goals through an audited, regenerative plan—and offers early access to regenerative markets without being certified organic. As each plan requires measured progress, the process also serves as a tool for delivering quantitative data towards the regenerative goal.

What Does ‘Regenerative Agriculture’ Mean?

Here at A Greener World, we define regenerative agriculture as:

“A set of planned agricultural practices that ensure the holding is not depleted by agriculture practices, and over time the soil, water, air and biodiversity are improved or maintained to the greatest extent possible.”

Questions about Certified Regenerative by AGW? See our FAQ here.

Certified Regenerative by AGW is the only label to require audited, high-welfare production, transport and slaughter practices, incorporating the respected standards of Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW—the label with the single highest impact on consumer purchasing of any food label, according to The Hartman Group.

We’re proud of AGW’s reputation for being a practical, common-sense programme that’s grounded in the realities of everyday farm and ranch life. Unlike most farm certifiers, AGW’s independent trained auditors visit every farm in the programme at least once a year to verify they’re meeting the standards. The new Certified Regenerative by AGW programme is backed by A Greener World’s rigorous policies and procedures, offering excellence in auditing and certification—giving farmers, consumers and buyers confidence in reliability and impact.

We look forward to working with you toward your regenerative goals. Please reach out to us for more info at  or request a quote below.

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