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13Mar 20
Responding To COVID-19. Blog Post

Responding to COVID-19

We’ve been in touch with our team and farmers, and wanted to also share with our wider community how we are addressing the challenges that arise from COVID-19. We have suspended travel since March 5 and will be reviewing this decision regularly. As an organisation we are respectful of our team members and many stakeholders’ varying health risks, and recognize it would be reckless to travel at a time when we are not certain of the location or spread of…

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03Mar 20
Does The UK Really Have A Future With No Farmers? Blog Post

Does the UK really have a future with no farmers?

This past weekend it was confirmed that a senior adviser within the UK government believes farming is apparently no longer required in the UK, suggesting it would be better to write farmers out of the picture and replace their produce with imports. This comes as a slap in the face to many of us in agriculture and does not bode well for the future of farming in this country. Following years of turmoil, misinformation and ‘economy with the truth’ (to…

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29Nov 19
Climate Change - Grazing Angus Acres

BBC Wildly Unbalanced on UK Farmers and Climate Change

“Completely misleading… A huge disservice to British farming.” After watching the BBC’s documentary, ‘Meat: A Threat To Our Planet?’ this week, that’s probably the only quote that I can safely print from the countless farmers I have subsequently spoken to in my role as a beef farmer and Executive Director of A Greener World UK. And what a disservice it was. After years of one-sided criticisms of UK farming in the UK media, the BBC’s programme represents yet another body…

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30Oct 19


Fears are growing that UK food safeguards could be ‘traded away’ as part of a much-prized post-Brexit U.S. trade deal with Donald Trump, exposing consumers to imported chlorine-washed chicken, hormone-raised beef, battery cage eggs and GM crops—and threatening the livelihood of thousands of UK farming families. A recent report in The Independent warns that Boris Johnson is planning a “quickfire US trade deal after Brexit that would slash UK food standards by stripping out protections imposed by Parliament earlier this…

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24Oct 19
Certified Non-GMO Comparison Chart

Non-GMO Label Comparison Chart

There are many reasons why you might want to avoid genetically modified organisms, more commonly known as “GMOs.” Most consumers have concerns about health. Other questions one might ask in the face of this new technology: What do GMOs do to our ecosystems, the independence of our farmers, and the rights of consumers to decide what to put in their bodies? If you’re interested in avoiding GMOs, understanding the different non-gmo claims is important to know what they mean–and don’t…

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COVID-19 is impacting farmers and consumers

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