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Certified Regenerative by AGW announcement

Regenerative Is For Everyone. New ‘Certified Regenerative by AGW’ label meets producers where they are on a journey of regenerative stewardship.

In a first for the industry, not-for-profit/charity certifier A Greener World UK/Europe has launched a plan-based regenerative certification, Certified Regenerative by A Greener World (AGW).

As public interest in sustainability continues to increase and broaden in its scope, the demand for rigorous, meaningful assurances of responsible farming practices has grown. Building on its successful family of leading labels, the new certification will provide a whole-farm assurance of sustainability, measuring benefits for soil, water, air, biodiversity, infrastructure, animal welfare and social responsibility. The new Certified Regenerative by AGW programme will be backed by A Greener World’s ISO/IEC Guide 17065 accreditation, demonstrating excellence in auditing and certification–giving farmers, consumers and buyers confidence in reliability and impact.

The core feature of Certified Regenerative by AGW is a farmer-led Regenerative Plan, whereby farms assess risk, set goals and track progress toward their own meaningful milestones. Plans are written in partnership with farmers by experts in the field and evaluated by a Review Panel composed of the world’s leading thinkers in regenerative agriculture. Currently most regenerative claims are not verified at all, and the few verified labels that exist around the world are either limited in scope or require organic certification as a prerequisite; in the UK, this would exclude most farms and farmland.

Key features of Certified Regenerative by AGW include:

  • Trustworthy, transparent and independent. Standards, policies and procedures developed with broad input and publicly available.
  • Meaningful animal welfare standards. Animals raised outdoors with no teeth clipping, tail docking, dehorning or beak trimming. Responsible practices with no routine antibiotics. The only regenerative label to ensure audited, high-welfare animal management and slaughter.
  • Farmer-led. The only regenerative agriculture programme that functions as a management tool, helping producers meet their own regenerative goals through an audited, regenerative plan.
  • Access a growing market. Get early access to regenerative markets–without being certified organic. Certified products are listed in AGW’s online directory, frequented by thousands of consumers seeking sustainable, high-welfare meat, dairy, eggs, fibre, grains and produce.
  • No inspection fatigue. One inspection, multiple market-leading claims. Choose from AGW’s respected certifications to demonstrate grassfed, non-GMO, humane, just, water-friendly, environmentally sustainable practices–free of routine antibiotics and toxic chemicals.

A Greener World is conducting a pilot programme to evaluate standards, plans and auditing procedures with select farms across the globe. The entire programme will be trialled and assessed in a range of environments, climates and socioeconomic parameters to ensure meaningful outcomes are achieved, with refinements made as needed. A Greener World expects to announce its first cohort of Certified Regenerative by AGW producers in 2021.

AGW Executive Director Andrew Gunther says,

“The challenges we face as a planet, as individuals and as rural communities are too large and too urgent to keep pursuing strategies that result in single-issue ‘solutions’ and a two-tiered food system. Regenerative is for everyone–not just organic producers. With Certified Regenerative by AGW, we are inviting all producers–no matter where you’re starting–to partner with us in a journey of regeneration.

“This certification is also an innovative tool to help in farm planning and management, and to protect against future disruptions and crises. With COVID-19, climate change and potentially long-term economic disruptions, resilience is top of mind for all of us–whether we’re growing food or eating it. Our new Certified Regenerative by AGW programme supports resilient systems that are high-bar, pragmatic and able to regenerate poor farmland–all at the same time. We can restore ecological balance by focusing on soil and promoting continual improvement throughout the ecosystem.”

For more information about Certified Regenerative or A Greener World visit or contact or 01271 320715.

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