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Parasite Treatment Information

OP and Non-OP Parasite Treatments

Information on prohibited and acceptable external parasite control products for animals within the Animal Welfare Approved by AGW programme.

A Greener World’s Animal Welfare Approved standards require that management of livestock and their environment must be the primary method of preventing both internal and external parasite infestations. The standards go on to state that if despite this management parasites are found then animals must be treated. However Animal Welfare Approved standards do not permit the use of organophosphate products for livestock. *

In order to assist farmers’ selection of appropriate treatments for parasites the following list shows some common products and their active chemical ingredient.

Please Note: This is not a complete list of all available products. Avoidance of prohibited products on this list is not a guarantee of compliance with the requirements of the programme. If a farmer wishes to use a product that is not listed here they must check the active ingredient to ensure that it meets Animal Welfare Approved standards.

Note also: the active ingredients are available under a number of brand names and those listed are examples only and not specific endorsements or recommendations.


*Permission to use organophosphates where legally permitted may be granted in situations where the farmer can demonstrate that other products are ineffective.

Click here for a PDF of the global list of products suitable for use within the Animal Welfare Approved programme and products not suitable for use on animals within the Animal Welfare Approved programme.

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